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Porter's Salve History

Porter's Salve was formulated in 1916 in Piqua, Ohio, by the George H. Rundle Company. The salve was sold door-to-door by traveling salesmen for many years. There has been no formal advertising for Porter's Salve. Sales have been generated mostly by word of mouth, from satisfied customers telling others of Porter's Salve's soothing, healing properties. The original name was changed from Porter's Pain King Salve to its current name, due to a request from the FDA. The reference to liniment was made because this salve was formulated from the Porter's original product, liquid Porter's Liniment.

Recommended as a "beneficial application for bruises, rough and cracked skin caused by inclement weather, insect bites, sunburn and local irritations," it is advocated for use on both man and beast alike. The salve has a drawing quality, which works particularly well on slivers of metal, wood, or glass, beneath the surface of the skin.

This product, not highly advertised other than by word-of-mouth, has gained attention throughout the United States, Canada, and many countries abroad. Known for its healing powers, Porter's Liniment Salve, gets new customers by recommendations of satisfied users. The company is headquartered in Covington, Ohio and is a family owned business.


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